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savoir faire


sa·​voir faire 


: capacity for appropriate action

especially : a polished sureness in social behavior

Let us introduce ourselves...

Our founder, Elizabeth Miller, has spent over a decade working with different accounting software solutions and consulting for different organizations.  Her educational background with a Masters in Accounting coupled with her years of professional experience help her relate and analyze the best solutions for each and every customer. Throughout these years she has seen the overly complicated processes and loss of personal touch that have plagued solution providers and she decided it was time for a change.  


Devoted to find a better approach for herself and her customers, she started Quaint Business Solutions where simple old fashioned relationships meet cutting edge technologies.  Now with an amazingly talented team behind her, Quaint seeks to partner with more clients that are like-minded and want to create some amazing solutions together.

Just because new technologies can seem complex doesn't mean your experience implementing them needs to be.  At Quaint, we look out for the customer's best interests and provide the simplest solutions we can with visibility for you along the way.  We partner with you to ensure what you need is what you get and bring in the experts so you don't have to be one.

Let us officially welcome you to the Quaint experience.  We are excited to get to know you better and see how we can partner to show you what great software and great relationships can do!

Business Conference

Ready to take the first step?

Contact us today so we can show you what the Quaint Experience is all about and see how we can partner with you to take your business to the next level.

Our Methodology

We take a simple approach at learning all we can about you and documenting your processes then turning that knowledge around into a plan of action to create you a custom solution that will meet all your needs.  

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